July 21

Butterfly Count 21/07/23

A bit of variety today but only because I went down to the wildlife garden to count in the afternoon. It was much windier and less sunshine. This is definitely the week of the peacocks though.

At times there were up to 4 peacocks on one flower of the buddleia. I wonder if that is because they are starting to go over and so the small flowers with nectar are all at the end of the group. The small white was on the fading Nepeta or Catmint and the Gatekeeper on a Geranium leaf.

In this picture you can see the probiscus of the Peacock on the flowers.

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1 thoughts on “Butterfly Count 21/07/23

  1. Belinda

    Beautiful peacock photo!
    It’s been a good year for butterflies here (though naturally they weren’t so prevalent when I decided to do my count 🙄)


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