November 30

Making sure it doesn’t blow away

There is not too much to do now at the allotment other than keep picking and making sure everything is held down. Bags of leaves come in very handy and make all that hard work worthwhile.

Having not been down to the plot for a week or two, we then realised that the shed roof was leaking really badly. It is too cold to reroof so we are just wrapping it up to prevent the ingress of rain and will then do it properly in the summer, along with treating the wood.


The leeks are a real treat. We bought them in France as small leeks and kept them going until we got back home. Our neighbour in France told us that we were too late to plant the leeks in June but they are some of the biggest I have grown. I put it down to the no dig method of feeding the soil, but who knows. Tomorrow we are going to try leek and butter bean soup with parsley. Sounds delicious.


I have finally got round to sowing broad beans so now I must clear the polytunnel. I have also sown some peas into root trainers in the hope that the mice don’t come in and eat them when I plant them out. It’s all go here!