January 1

Seeds for 2018

This is what I am going to be growing this year. Those with a * before them are new to me this year.

Aubergine – *Pinstripe and 2 Black Pearl grafted plants

Beetroot – Boltardy, Bona, Boldor, Detroit 2, Noire Egypte

Broad beans – Aquadulce Claudia

Broccoli – White Eye, Purple Sprouting, PSB Rudolph, Romanesco

Cabbage – Dutchman, Kalibos, Offenham (free), *April

Carrots – Early Nantes, Amsterdam Forcing 3

Chard – Rainbow, Lucullus

Chicory – Rosa di Treviso, Palla Rossa 5

Chinese cabbage – *Scarlette

Courgette – Black Beauty, Tondo, Sunstripe, Defender

Cucumber – Mini Munch

Endive – Fine de louviers

Fennel – Doux de Florence, Rondo, Montebianco

Herbs – Parsley Commun 2, Basil Mrs Burn’s Lemon, Sage, Chervil, Dill, Basil Red Rubin, Basil Sweet,

Kale – Red Devil, Black Magic, Pentland Brig, Nero di Toscana

Leek – Tadorna, Blue Solaise, Musselborough

Lettuce – Iceberg 4, Catalogne (free),  Rouge Grenobloise, Rocket, Little Gem, Marvel of Four Seasons, Salad Bowl (free), Lobjoits Cos, Intred, *Pigale Pills, Winter Density

Mange tout – Shiraz


Mustard – Red Frills, Red Giant

Onion – Red Brunswick, banana shallots,

Pak Choi – Pak Choi, Colour and Crunch,  Choy Sum

Parsnip – Countess, Student

Pea – Douce Provence, Lincoln, *Terrain

Pepper (chilli) – De Cayenne, Chilli Shake

Pepper  (Sweet) – Long Red Marconi (free), California Wonder (free), Mini Bell

Radish – Cherry Belle

Sorrel – Red Veined

Spinach – Medania, Spinach Beet

Sprouts – Fillbasket, Maximus, Flower Sprout

Squash – Marina di Chiogga, Jack-be-Little, Sprinter, Hunter, Waltham Butternut, Crown Prince, Yellow Scallop

Sugar snap – Quartz (free)

Sweetcorn – Swift

Tomato – San Marzano (free), *Rosella, Sungold, *Zlatava, Red Cherry (free), Black Russian,  Tigerella, Costoluto Fiorentino

Turnip – Snowball, *Petrowski (free)

The free seeds came from gardening magazines throughout the year.