May 9

The third year of no-mow May

I have a small patch of grass that I look after outside my house that doesn’t belong to me but I have cut it for the last 22 years. Three years ago I heard about no-mow May and decided that would be what I would do with it. I do cut around the outside of the patch so that it looks ‘gardened’ and not just abandoned as we have had people park their cars on it before.

This year I have looked at the range of plants/weeds growing in it just to try and get some idea of the variety, so here it is.

In the section of grass that has only been left for one year we have a much smaller range of plants: only two types of grass and Cat’s ear so length of time does increase diversity.

If you know what any of these are – especially the ones I have not named – do let me know.

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Posted May 9, 2023 by alijoy in category wildlife garden

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