December 11

Harvest Monday 11th December 2017

Over on the excellent blog Our Happy Acres every Monday, bloggers get together and share what they have harvested that day. I thought I might join every fortnight. After all, there are only so many interesting ways you can photograph leeks!

In the polytunnel, I  have a couple of cabbages for over the Christmas holiday. We particularly like these with sauerkraut, raw beetroot, mackerel and horseradish sauce. Sounds disgusting, tastes lovely.

The peppers are sweet peppers and are a chocolate colour. I found these last few lingering on the plant. I did think I would try and save this plant and keep it going over winter by cutting it back quite hard but it is very cold this week and it may not survive.



These veg are what I think of as typical winter veg.  The parsnips are really quite big and too my annoyance I snapped one off as I was digging it up. There are three different types of kale, curly leaved, Tuscan and one other with red midribs which I am not sure about. They are all great in soups or casseroles.



And finally there are the herbs and spinach again from the polytunnel.  The flat-leaved parsley grows all winter here and with 5 plants, I have enough to see me through until late spring.  There is also some lemon grass in here which I grew from seed. I use it in a raw carrot, ginger and lemon salad which is one of those fresh dishes that you sometimes crave during winter.  The spinach is just a small handful now and will sit there until spring when it starts growing again.


What have you been harvesting this week?

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8 thoughts on “Harvest Monday 11th December 2017

  1. Michelle

    I wish I had some leeks to photograph. It looks like your leeks have some good company. And I wish I had some parsnips too, I had complete and total germination failure this year.

    1. alijoy (Post author)

      I have to admit to these parsnips being the third sowing I tried. I sowed some a week later than one of my allotment neighbours. His flourished, mine didn’t germinate!

  2. Dave @OurHappyAcres

    You have a great variety of veggies going in December. It’s amazing you still have peppers producing too. Thanks for joining in on Harvest Mondays!

    1. alijoy (Post author)

      I think it is such a good idea, particularly if you want some ideas about new things to grow. Brilliant blog by the way.

  3. Kathy

    Hello Joy! I enjoy seeing what other people grow and you certainly have a good variety of crops there. We eat mackerel with horseradish & beetroot, often as a pate, but have never tried it with sauerkraut, so thank you for that idea

  4. Phuong

    Your leeks and parsnips look nice and big. The carrot, ginger, and lemon salad sounds amazing. Are the carrots grated for the salad.

    1. alijoy (Post author)

      Yes, carrots and ginger grated with chopped green chilli (and lemongrass) and then a lemon and honey dressing poured over it. We love it especially with chicken and rice.


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