October 30

Warm and Dry

It has been unseasonably warm and dry. Having been away for a week, the tomatoes in the polytunnel continue to ripen and the lettuce has rocketed away with lots to pick again. The borlotti beans have dried on the plants this year although I did give them a final dry in the greenhouse.

image image

I have had some manure delivered and have started to use it straight away on new beds. I know you are supposed to use manure that is about 2yrs old but I don’t have any. It will be interesting to see whether I can grow in it next year. Perhaps potatoes.


I have covered it with black plastic and will leave it until April and then try planting in it.

How do people get enough compost etc that is 2yrs old? I am still not sure how I can get enough to save some for the next year. Anyway, I will keep going. More leaves gathered but the trees haven’t really dropped their leaves yet.


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