October 9

The badgers beat me!

imageThe weather has been warm, if a little windy, so time on the plots has been pleasant. Last week the Badgers beat me to the final cobs of corn. We had eaten most of the primary cobs, only the secondary ones were left, but next year I am going to grow them in the fruit cage! They cause havoc by knocking the plants down and then chewing the cobs. In fact the first year they did this, I thought we had been visited by vandals but an older, wiser person on the plots put me straight.

There is a cost to no dig because you need so much material to mulch with and it all needs to have been rotting down for a year or so before you use it. The cost can be financial , buying in compost, or it can be effort. I have gone for the effort cost and collected about 25 bags of seaweed early one morning and spread it on two of the beds.


I will cover these beds so that weeds don’t grow and then see what they are like in the spring. I have also started collecting leaves by driving round the neighbourhood and jumping out with my rake and bags when I see some.  Ahh! The things we do for our vegetables.

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